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Category: Jobs

Education  2014/07/24

P/T Native English Teachers

PLC Language Center seeks a P/T native English teacher for company classes on Tues. Thurs. and Fri. from Sept. The [More…]

Total views: 54

Education  2014/07/23


大阪市天王寺の英会話学校の短期パートタイムの営業担当者を募集しています。営業経験・テレアポ経験のある方歓迎。短大卒・英語TOEIC600点以上(目安)の方を求めます。基本月給:¥100,000+売り上げコミッション。勤務時間は面接時に相談します。 [More…]

Total views: 62

Education  2014/07/23

Native English Teacher Recruitment For Children in

We are currently looking for native English speaking teachers to work 9:30 - 14:30 in our nursery. And also teachers [More…]

Total views: 64

Education  2014/07/23


School in Ashiya/Okamoto is looking for FT/PT English, French and Korean teachers ASAP. University diploma is preferable. Must be native [More…]

Total views: 57

Education  2014/07/18


English teacher position for classes from Monday to Saturday required. Prefer teacher who lives close to Ibaraki and Suita. Please [More…]

Total views: 162

Education  2014/07/18

Native English Teacher(s) Wanted

JETS Academy (English school designed for adults) in Nishinomiya (1 min. from Hankyu Nishinomiya-Kitaguhi stn) seeks a native English teacher [More…]

Total views: 127

Education  2014/07/17

English Teacher in Osaka-city

Work on Tuesday & Thursday mornings, Qualification; TESOL etc. Pay; 3,000 yen per 45-minute lesson, Send your resume to Takimoto(Mr) [More…]

Total views: 69

General  2014/07/16

Bilingual assistant needed for Kyoto guesthouse

Looking for a Kyoto resident who can help us keep our guest house tidy, greet the guests, tell them about [More…]

Total views: 130

Education  2014/07/15

Reliable experienced native E.teacher needed

Students centered L. school requires a reliable native English teacher for senior citizens in Umeda and Okamachi from Sep. Wed.13:00-16:50(3×70min.)Umed [More…]

Total views: 109

Education  2014/06/14


or working in the Kobe area needed to teach one on one type lessons for adult students on Saturdays and/or [More…]

Total views: 93

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