Domino’s Warms Up Your Weekend – Or Any Other Day

Domino’s Warms Up Your Weekend – Or Any Other Day

It's Friday night and most of us are relieved of our weekly duties. ...

Text: • Apr 1, 2016

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The crowded trains and chilly evening air dampen the thrill of being free for the weekend, and a rumbling in your stomach summons the question that races through our minds at least once a day: “what is for dinner?”

A week of scouring conbinis for the most “okay” bento has left a bland taste in your mouth, and your wallet has started to look a little starved. You’re aware your fridge has been a little neglected: overtime at the office is to blame. Fortunately, Domino’s is there to help save us from hungry despair.

Their convenience and customization begins with the app or site itself. Logging in to your account is a snap, and you can find solace in the English website, equipped with deals to fit any scenario, from “party” mode to “home alone.” Snag one of the seasonal or weekly discounted sets, and bask in the glow of a comforting selection of toppings, skipping over competitors’ overly exotic offerings, slathered in raw egg and mayonnaise or squid tentacles. Pick out that cheese-stuffed crust and face no judgement. Go for the large (we know the leftovers the next morning are worth it). Or, skip the set meals and dinner deals and design your own. Domino’s stands tallest when it comes to building a pizza, from crust type to just how many toppings you want.


Domino’s is famous for its pizzas, but you don’t want to miss out on their hot sub sandwiches

One of the more overlooked aspects of the Domino’s menu is their side dishes. Whole meals, for lunch the next day at your desk, breakfast in bed – or even the next three nights’ worth of dinners are all available to gobble up too. Their sub sandwiches, carefully crafted and an utter delight when you open the steaming box, are easy to slip into your work bag. Stack them up in your fridge alongside salads, cups of soup, and even a bowl of pasta.

But this is really how we know that Domino’s has our backs: we never forget about our dry-heaving wallets, and neither did Domino’s. Chances are, you have a leftover coupon or two in your account, just for being alive and breathing. Tack them on, or select one of the applicable discounts they have listed. Then, once you have place your order and choose the time for your pizza to arrive, Domino’s grants customers a chance to keep those coupons coming. Once you place your order, the page or the app shifts over to a timer. Once it’s out of the oven, you’re in the “Mystery Coupon” zone. Click on the icon, choose one of the boxes, and claim your prize – don’t worry, everybody is a winner, but some will be a slightly better winner than another. Coupons will be saved to your account – Domino’s knows full well we were bound to forget we had a coupon at all.

And now you have a sweet deal to keep for next Friday night…because you know you’ll be back, and Domino’s is ready.

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