Tour du Lac Biwa

Tour du Lac Biwa
Tour du Lac Biwa

How would you like to enjoy a relaxing day off in the ultimate tranquility beside Lake Biwa, led by warm-hearted local tour conductors?
Holiday at Lake Biwa
Tour du Lac Biwa conducts friendly tours of the scenic west shore area of Lake Biwa for visitors from overseas. The concept of the journey we provide is the everyday lives of lakeside residents. For people in the rest of the world, everyday life in Japan is something wonderfully different.

Our program, popular among Japanese and non-Japanese alike, includes an enjoyable handmade lunch at a 200-year-old folk house and a visit to a farmer’s house where you’ll be served fresh vegetables and rice.
Tour du Lac Biwa also offers experiences only locals like us could arrange, such as an intimate tour to see friendly traditional artisans at work. And of course no matter where we stop on our journey, you will receive a warm-hearted welcome from open-minded folks.

4-1 Minami-funaji
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