I start as an unskilled translator! I work for you, voarious documents, esay, minor, and I am good at Medieval Europian history, Europian Folkore, Counceling Theory, Philosophy, Anthropology, Culture, Religion etc. Target languages : English to Japanese or French to Japanese. If you encourage me to train strictly, added to these works Japanese to English too! I do my best. Please give me cheap tasks! And please give me translation work, or laguages work for my contributing to people, especially, I want to help people with mental disoders by translating articles about mental disorders,mental health, social walfare. Then as my another favorite field, I want to translate also for Europian HIstory, Europian Folkore, Religions, Anthropology, Culture, Chistian, All Medieval Times. Englsih to Japanense, French to Japanese, If you let me challenge, I will try to challenge Japanese to English works also. If you are interested in my fields, even if it were one of my main fields. Or you are interested in my work challenge, Please contact me not hesitate, Please feel free to contact me, beringing works to me. For you, I work by cheap price as possible. Thank you very much for reading my AD!
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