How to place an ad

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To place an ad, simply go to our classifieds page and click on the Place Ad button:
Please note that you need to be a registered user to post an ad. Sign-up here.

1. Select a category for your ad

You will see a drop down select menu listing the available ad categories. Choose the one that best fits your ad:

  • Community listings. Any category inside the Community category or the For Sale (second-hand) categories are free and appear online for 1 month with a maximum 200 characters allowed (ad titles no longer than 50 characters).
  • Commercial listings. All other categories, including job and accommodation ads are 3,000yen per ad per month. They appear both online and in print and have a 300 character limit (ad titles no longer than 50 characters).

2. Enter your Ad Details

Enter a short title for your ad, your email address and the ad details. Please note that there is a 200 character limit for community ads and 300 limit for commercial ads. Click Continue to submit your ad. If you are posting a commercial ad you will be prompted to choose a payment method (see below).
Once your ad has been submitted it will be held for review to make sure it complies with our Terms of Service. Once approved it will appear online. This can take anything up to 48 hours for community ads. Please be patient.

3. Upload images

If you would like to include any images with your ad, you may upload up to 3 files here. Please note however, that any images uploaded to your online ad will not be used in the print edition.

4. Select a payment method and pay for your ad (commercial ads)

If you have selected a commercial category, a Payment Method form will appear. Please select your preferred payment method by clicking the Paypal or 2Checkout buttons. Both are online payment services. You do not need an account with either of these services to use them. You simply need a credit card. You will be directed away from to a secure server to complete the payment.
After a successful transaction, you will be redirected back to the Kansai Scene website.
If for some reason you are not redirected or you experience some other difficulty, please email us at [email protected].

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