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Now with a brand-new format, Kansai Scene is Western Japan’s premium inbound-visitor guide magazine. Showcasing the incredible Kansai region to international visitors since 2000, Kansai Scene is distributed to major hotels, guesthouses, and tourism information centers across the region and beyond.

English-speaking tourists to Kansai will pick up Kansai Scene first when they walk into tourist centers, hotels, guest houses, shops, cafes, and restaurants all across the region. Why? Because KS is the only Kansai-based tourism resource in English that offers up-to-date lists of events, festivals, live concerts, club gigs, and art exhibitions. In addition, KS has a team of professional writers and photographers who dedicate their time to highlighting places to go and things to do in Kansai and uncovering the regions hidden gems.

KS is the must-have visitor’s guide to Kansai and represents a unique and powerful advertising opportunity, through both its print and digital channels.

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