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French Connections


French Connections

Bonjour! Welcome to July, the month when France celebrates its national day. If you’ve never heard of Bastille Day, held every year on July 14, then rent Les Miserables on DVD to learn more about the French Revolution. First celebrated in 1789, this original revolutionary day continues to be marked in France, albeit in a different style: instead of cutting off heads with guillotines, we pop champagne corks. It’s a massive day and if you’re in France during that time, you’ll see fireworks everywhere and dancing all night long in outdoor parties. So come and join us!

OSAKA: Enjoy wine and French music at the Kansai Bastille Day Party at Cafe Barbara in Nakazakicho, Friday July 13 from 7:30pm

KOBE: French meeting in Sannomiya, check the link for the exact date and place (

KYOTO: An afternoon of concerts and food at the French Parissai Festival at the French Institute Kyoto, Sunday July 14 from 3:30pm (

If you prefer to stay at home, don’t forget to check the latest episode of the French/Japanese web drama Paris Aleas on

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