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Press Release: Kansai Scene magazine to change from a monthly to a seasonal edition


Press Release: Kansai Scene magazine to change from a monthly to a seasonal edition

Press Release
June, 2018

Kansai Scene magazine to change from a monthly to a seasonal edition

The team at Kansai Scene — western Japan’s premier English magazine — has exciting news to share with readers and advertisers. From September 2018, the magazine’s current monthly format will change to a quarterly edition. The new format will be larger, sleeker, and packed full of even more of the articles, listings, and information that readers have grown to depend on since it was launched 18 years ago.

In conjunction with both the website ( and listings portal (, the re-branding aims to provide even greater access to feature articles and events listings to today’s savvy, connected travelers and visitors to Kansai.

Listings will continue to be added to each month to allow readers access to the most up-to-date information about what’s on in the region.

Circulation will double from the current monthly 15,000 copies to 30,000 copies, while distribution will be re-focused to maximize its reach to English-speaking tourists, with hotels, guesthouses, and tourist information centers getting the bulk of the issues.

It will also continue to be available in convenient locations like popular bars, cafes, and bookstores in the area.

The July 2018 issue (published July 1st), will be the last in Kansai Scene’s current monthly format, followed by a short hiatus until the autumn issue in the new format is launched on September 1st. Events listings for August will be available online as usual.

Coinciding with the fresh new look and editorial focus is a new strategic partnership between publishers Mojoworks KK and CB, Ltd., who will now take over advertising, sales, and marketing. This new partnership further strengthens Kansai Scene’s commitment to publishing the go-to English-language guide for foreign visitors to the Kansai region.

Further information:

Editorial and media enquiries:
Mojoworks KK

Sales and advertising enquiries:
CB, Ltd.
Tel: (03)-6260-9125



関西シーン(西日本の一流英文誌)のチームから、読者や広告主の皆様へのエキサイティングなニュースです。 2018年9月から、当誌の現在の月間フォーマットは四半期版に変更されます。 新しいフォーマットは、より大きく、より洗練されたものになり、18年前の発刊以来、読者に頼りにされてきた記事、リスティング、情報はなお一層充実したものになります。





関西シーンの現在の月次フォーマットでの発行は、2018年7月号(7月1日発行)が最後となり、その後、9月1日に新フォーマットの秋号が発売されるまで休刊となります。 8月のイベントリストは、通常通りオンラインでご利用いただけます。

新鮮で新しい外観と編集上のフォーカスと合わせて実現されるのは、今から広告、販売、マーケティングを引き継ぐ出版社Mojoworks KKとCB,Ltdとの間の新しい戦略的提携です。 この新たな提携は、関西地方への外国人訪問者向けの定番英語ガイドを発行するという関西シーンのコミットメントをさらに強化します。



電話: (03)-6260-9125

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