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Create Osaka’s official mascot


Create Osaka’s official mascot

Osaka — The city of Osaka is calling for entries from around the world to design the official mascot characters Mio & Tsukushi who will serve in promoting Osaka to the world. Anyone and everyone, from artists to children to amateurs, is encouraged to submit their drawings or designs. The award winning characters will be inaugurated in March 2014 at the Osaka POP Festival, and will star in loads of official tourism campaigns.

An initiative of the Osaka POP Executive Committee and the Osaka Government Tourism Bureau, the competition forms part of the inaugural International Cool Japan Awards, created in recognition of the millions of Nippon Pop Culture fans (anime, manga, cosplay, vocaloid, games, and more) across the world.

Designs can be created using any medium but must be submitted as digital files through the website.

Entry fee: Free • Submission deadline: until Jan 31, 2014 • Prize: ¥200,000 • How to apply:

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