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Readers’ Choice Awards

Voting is now open for the 2017 Kansai Scene Readers’ Choice Awards!

The winners will be announced in the January issue of Kansai Scene and on this website.

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Stage One: Nominate (Oct 01 – Nov 15) – Closed
Nominate your favorite things to do, places to eat, and spaces to play in our Readers’ Choice Awards.
You can complete the form just once and nominate just one place per category. Please note that you will need to be logged in or create an account (email and username) if you do not already have one.

Stage Two: Vote (Nov 17 – Dec 15)
The top 3–5 nominations from each category will be available as choices in the voting stage. Any categories that did not receive any votes will be excluded from the voting stage. Even if you didn’t nominate anywhere, you can still vote for your favorite places. You can complete the form just once and vote for just one place per category.

Voting will be open from Nov 17 (6pm) – Dec 15 (midnight) and the winners announced in the January issue of Kansai Scene. Winning places will be awarded a KS Readers’ Choice Awards sticker and digital badge to help promote themselves online.

Business owner?

Use social media to encourage your customers to nominate and vote for you! Download our handy social media graphics to help drum up support.

The Categories

Note: Not all categories may feature in the final vote, depending on the number of nominations received.

Bars, Pubs & Entertainment

Best Bar
Hands-down, the best place to pull up a stool in Kansai.

Best Craft Beer Bar
Who serves up the best brews?

Best Irish Pub
Where to really feel the Craic?

Best Sports Bar
Where do you go to throw some darts, shoot some pool, or just watch the game?

Best Whiskey/Bourbon Bar
Best place to enjoy a finger of your favorite single malt?

Best Sake Bar
The mecca for sake lovers?

Best Cocktails
Who mixes the best drinks in Kansai?

Best Alternative Bar
Quirky hole-in-the-wall, standing-bar, whacky theme bar, S&M – anything goes.

Best Club
Where’s the party?

Best Lounge Bar
Where to go when you’re all dressed up and in the mood for cocktails and conversation?

Restaurants & Dining

Best Cafe
The best place to kick back and enjoy a drink and a snack.

Best Burgers
The competition is fierce, but who is the real burger king?

Best Mexican Food
Where can you get the best burritos and nachos in town?

Best Thai Food
Who does Thai cuisine best in Kansai?

Best Curries
Who has the best masalas this side of Mumbai?

Best Italian Food
Where is your go-to Italian restaurant?

Best French Cuisine
Casual bistro or romantic date spot? Where can you get the best French cuisine in Kansai?

Best Vegetarian/Vegan Food
Where to go for some healthy whole food?

Best Noodles
Ramen, Soba, Udon… who serves up the best noodles in Kansai?

Best American Favorites
Wings, ribs, fries, deep-pan pizza – where to get your fix of some classic American soul food?

Shops & Services

Best Backpackers’ Hostel
Best digs on a budget?

Best Hotel
The finest rooms in town?

Best Art Gallery
Which gallery space consistently inspires?

Best Museum
If you only go to one museum in Kansai?

Best Record Store
The best place for vinyl?

Best Vintage Clothing Store
Your favorite vintage-fashion haven?

Best Hair Salon
Where to go for the ultimate trim.

Best Bakery / Patissiere
Who bakes the tastiest treats in Kansai?

Best Imported Groceries Store
Where do you head to for a fix of tastes of back home?

Best Dental Clinic
Who do you trust your teeth to?

Best Medical Clinic
Which doc do you call when you’re feeling under the weather?

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