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French Connections


French Connections

Welcome October, when the magic of autumn is finally upon us. Don’t be surprised if Laduree’s macaron flavor of the month is pumpkin and if Louis Vuitton’s store windows are orange. It’s all part of the fun that is Halloween. If you live in Japan, you must have noticed that locals love to play dress up – even if it’s just to go to work. From school students to road workers to depato employees, the Japanese make the mundane wearing of uniforms into an art form. But if you think the kid working at the conbini looks adorable in his neat little outfit, just wait until you see the finery that comes out during Halloween. From a posse of 10 feather-and-beaded indians to the entire cast of Sailor Moon, expect to see the Japanese love of costume and attention to detail manifested in one night of insane revelry. So this month, get your wig ready and let’s trick or treat together!

OSAKA: Last chance to see this medieval masterpiece on its first ever trip to Japan. The Lady and the Unicorn from the Musee de Cluny, Paris, France until 20 October at the National Museum of Art, Osaka. Don’t miss the French Halloween party, Saturday 26 October at Common Cafe Nakazakicho from 7:30pm.

KYOTO: French meeting at Kawa Cafe, check the link for the exact date and place ( If you prefer to stay at home, don’t forget to check your new episode of the French/Japanese web drama PARIS ALEAS on

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