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French Connections


French Connections

December is already here! This month has a unique flavor of sadness because it’s already the end of the year and happiness because of Christmas celebrations. December is also the favorite month in Europe for kids, with school holidays, snowy weather and the venue of the generous fat guy with gray hair wearing a red coat! In Japan, December means also Christmas but not in a religious or family-related event way. Christmas Eve in Japan is the ultimate evening of love for Japanese couples. As French people tend to gather in their countryside grandparents house for the family meeting of the year, Japanese couples tend to gather in the most romantic restaurant of the city. Anyway, in both cases, Christmas means gifts and love, so let’s all enjoy it together.
Joyeux Noel!

French Events in Kansai

Gypsy concert by French group La Caravane Passe, Dec 2 at Institut Franco Japonais Kyoto.

Kansai French meeting in Osaka and Kyoto, check the Facebook page for the exact date and place (

If you prefer to stay at home, don’t forget to check your new episode of the French Japanese web drama PARIS ALEAS on

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