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Which way to the top?


Which way to the top?

Cherry blossoms have come and gone and hot, humid summer days are right around the corner. With the window of wonderful weather speeding to a close, there is no time like the present to get outside and enjoy yourself. Whether you’re an experienced hiker looking to get away from the crowds and go somewhere off the beaten track, or a winter couch potato who just feels like a stretch of the legs on a less-challenging hike, we have you covered in this month’s bilingual feature article (see page 8).

Perhaps you fancy exploring old temples and shrines, walking the paths of pilgrims and mountain priests, or just taking in magnificent landscapes and awe-inspiring views on your way to a well-earned soak in an onsen. Or maybe all you want is some fresh air. Whatever the excuse, May is the perfect time of year to explore the natural beauty right in your own backyard. We’ve got the lingo to keep you on the right path. So dust off your hiking boots (tozan gutsu), grab your backpack (zakku), fill up your water bottle (suitou), and hit the trails!

Useful expressions

Can you help me? おしえてくれませんか。 Oshiete kuremasen ka?
I’m lost. みちに まよって しまいました。 Michi ni mayote shimai mashita.
Turn left / right ひだり / みぎ へ まがってください。 Hidari / migi e magatte kudasai.
Then, go straight. それから、まっすぐいってください。 Sorekara, massugu itte kudasai.
About how much further to the summit? ちょうじょう までは、どのぐらい ですか。 Chōjō madewa dono gurai desu ka?
It’s near / far from here. ここから ちかい / とおい です。 Koko kara chikai / tooi desu.
How long does it take to get there? そこまでどのぐらいかかりますか。 Soko made dono gurai kakari masu ka?
Where does this trail lead to? このみちは どこ にいきますか。 Kono michi wa doko ni ikimasu ka?
Would you like to take a rest? やすみませんか。 Yasumimasen ka?
What a beautiful view! きれいな けしき ですね。 Kirē na keshiki desu ne.
I thought I was in better shape! ちょうしが いいと おもって いました。 Chōshi ga ii to omotte imashita!
We’re almost there, I promise! あと すこし です。ほんと です!。 Ato sukoshi desu. Hontō desu!
I thought you said we were almost there! あと すこし だと いいました よ ね。 Ato sukoshi da to iimashita yo ne.
Hurry up! いそいで! Isoide!
Let’s stop and have a snack. とまって スナック でも たべばしょう。 Tomatte sunakku demo tabemashō.
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