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Compliments, Pick-up Lines, Rejections


Compliments, Pick-up Lines, Rejections

While Japanese does have its rabu rabu no kotoba (lovey-dovey words) like “Kimi no koto ga suki de tamaranai” (“I adore you”), and “Watashi no isshoo no koibito” (“You are the love of my life”), culturally, those are not used all that often. Showing your appreciation for your ai suru hito (loved one) through actions rather than words often seems to be the more favorable approach.

If you’re lucky enough to have already met your unmei no hito (soul mate), good for you! But if you’re looking for love or a Valentine’s date this month, check out the phrases below that might just come in handy (but no guarantees!). Fingers crossed you’ll charm your hakuba no ojisama (prince on a white horse) or yamato nadeshiko (an idealized Japanese woman), or just whoever it is that you fancy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Useful Expressions

That jacket looks nice on you. そのジャケット、似合っていますね。 Sono jaketto, niatte imasu ne.
You look beautiful. きれいだよ。 Kirei da yo.
You look exceptionally beautiful/handsome today. 今日は特に(きれい/ハンサム)だね。 Kyou wa toku ni (kirei/ hansamu) da ne.
You look pretty sharp. なかなかカッコいいよ。 Nakanaka kakkoii yo.
You have a great sense of humor. あなたは本当に面白いよね。 Anata ha honto ni omoshiroi yo ne.
Do you come here often? よくここに来るの? Yoku koko ni kuru no?
Allow me to buy you a drink. 一杯おごらせてください。 Ippai ogorasete kudasai.
Is anyone sitting here? ここに誰か座ってる? Koko ni dare ka suwatteru?
Have I seen you here before? 前に会ったことあったっけ? Mae ni atta koto attakke?
Do you want to go out sometime? 今度一緒にどこかに遊びに行きませんか? Kondo issho ni doko ka ni asobi ni ikimasen ka?
I’m seeing someone. 私には付き合っている人がいます。 Watashini wa tsukiatte iru hito ga imasu.
I have a (boyfriend / girlfriend). 私には(彼氏/彼女が)います。 Watashini wa (kareshi/ kanojo ga) imasu.
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