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Support Local Film!

KS’s June cover feature last year was on the legendary Aikido master Jacques Payet who studied under the great Gozo Shioda, a master of aikido who founded a style known as Yoshinkan. Payet now runs his own dojo in Kyoto and martial artists the world over come to Japan to meet him and learn under him. Kenji Lee, a filmmaker living in Kyoto, is undertaking an ambitious independent film project about the life of Jacques Payet. “I’ve watched as he’s inspired so many people…It’s about time to share this man’s story with the world,” Lee says. Created by his film company The Double Cut, the feature film, called JP, will be shot in Japan as well as in Payet’s homeland of Réunion Island. Lee will be interviewing Payet’s current and past students as well as others in the Aikido and martial arts community. Lee will launch a crowdfunding campaign this month. Visit his website to watch a film trailer at and find out how you can show your support.

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