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Arch Enemy

Arch Enemy, formed by guitarist Michael Amott in 1995 after leaving the band Carcass, has had a loyal following since its debut release Black Earth. With a new album out, the band returns to Japan where they always receive a warm welcome. KS spoke with Amott about the latest release and some new sounds on the album.

Tell us about the new Arch Enemy album Will To Power ?

I’m gradually starting to get a perspective on the album. You know when you work very hard on something very closely, it’s hard to have any broader perspective. But I think we did a good job. I’m satisfied with the material and the production and how it all came together. The success we’ve had with the big album sales and chart entries like number 3 in Germany and number 1 Japan was very encouraging, to say the least.

The track Reason To Believe on the new album features some great ‘clean’ vocals. Is this what we can expect to hear more of in the future?

I’ve wanted to write a heavy ballad for Arch Enemy for some years now and last year I finally had the right music to turn that idea into reality. I wrote the music together with my brother Chris Amott (ex-Arch Enemy) and then I came up with lyrics and vocal melody. It’s a bold move for a band like us, musically speaking, but I think the fans have for the most part been enjoying this new sound from the band. It’s just one song on an album full of screaming metal music anyway. Will we do another song with clean vocals in the future? I don’t know yet because I haven’t started writing the next album, and I don’t plan things that far in advance.

You’re playing six shows in Japan (many bands come here and just play two or three shows). Would you say that a new younger fanbase is growing to add to the long-time supporters?

Yes, we’ve been very fortunate with the fans supporting the band in a big way these last few years! All the tours nowadays see our shows selling out or close to it. It’s a fantastic feeling, of course! It’s been a long career for Arch Enemy in Japan now – over 20 years of releasing albums and touring this beautiful country. We’ve always had Japan tours with many shows, so this is not a new thing for us, and we always look forward to playing for the Japanese fans, old and new. We’re very excited this time to bring the Will to Power show with a super tight and energized Arch Enemy!

Melodic Death Metal band formed 1995
• Namba Hatch, Osaka
• Metal
• 7pm
• ¥7,500/¥9,500
• Tel: 0570-200-888

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