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Handy pocket pick-up lines


Handy pocket pick-up lines

Inspired by this month’s theme of love? Get out there and get a date with the Japanese girl (or guy) of your dreams with some of these classy pickup lines.

Have I seen you before? 前に会った事ある? Mae-ni atta-koto aru?
You come here often, don’t you? ここによく来るでしょう? Koko-ni yoku kurudesho?
You’re really pretty. 君って本当にキレイだね。 Kimi-tte honto-nikirei-dane.
I like your hairstyle. あなたのヘアスタイル好き。 Anata-no hea sutairu suki.
Will you be my Japanese teacher? 僕の日本語の先生になってくれる? Boku-no nihongo no sensei ni nattekureru?
You have good taste in clothes. 服の好みがいいね。 Fuku-no konomi-gaii-ne.
You have beautiful skin. キレイな肌だね。 Kirei-na hada-dane.
Do you believe in destiny? 運命って信じる? Unmei-tte shinjiru?
You must have a boyfriend(?). 彼氏いるんだろう(?) Kareshi irun-daro (?).
You must be popular with the girls… あなたはモテるでしょう? Anata wa moteru desho?
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