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French Connections


French Connections

Welcome to August, when the whole of Kansai unites in mutual suffering under the oppressive summer heat. When I first came to Japan, I remember my friends kept telling me how much they don’t like summer. I couldn’t understand this because in France, summer means long vacations, sunny evenings and petanque tournaments. But after experiencing my first Japanese summer, where I took five showers per day and lost three kilos, I understood what they meant: heat and unbearable humidity! But let’s stay positive, summer in Japan also equals festivals, fireworks, macha ice cream, yukata and outdoor events. So let’s enjoy summer in Kansai, from Wakayama to Suma beach.

KOBE: French meeting at Kitano, Cafe de Paris, check the link for the exact date and place (facebook. com/francekansai)

KYOTO: French Meeting at Kawa Cafe, Friday 30 August from 6:30pm

If you prefer to stay at home, don’t forget to check out the latest episode of the French/Japanese web drama PARIS ALEAS on

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