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Hiking talk

hikingThere is no better time to go hiking in the great outdoors than November, when the air is brisk and the sky is an eye-crinkling blue. Kansai has no shortage of richly forested walking trails that meander up hillsides, through quaint villages and past ancient ruins. For the best walking experience, make sure to prepare for all weather or terrain conditions with a jacket (jaketto) or polar fleece vest (furiisu besuto), hiking boots (tozan gutsu), beanie (biinii) and gloves (tebukuro). Oh and don’t forget your eco-friendly water bottle (suitou) and back pack (zakku). And if you find yourself slightly lost at any point, it’ll be super handy to know a few phrases so you can ask a friendly passer-by. Just remember to greet everyone with a smile and a “konnichiwa”. Happy walking!

Vocab and phrases

jacket jaketto ジャケット
polar fleece vest furiisu besuto フリースベスト
hiking boots tozan gutsu 登山靴
beanie biinii ビーニー
gloves tebukuro 手袋
water bottle suitou 水筒
back pack zakku ザック
Trekking pole stokku ストック

Excuse me, is this the path for….? sumimasen, kono michi wa ( ) made ikemasu ka? すみません、この道 は〇〇まで行けま すか?
What a breathtaking view! zekkei desu ne! 絶景ですね!
Do you know how long it will take to walk to….? ( ) made wa dore gurai kakarimasu ka? 〇〇まではどれぐら いかかりますか?
I think I’m lost! michi ga mayotteiru 道が迷っている
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