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Recipe for healthy living


Recipe for healthy living

Every year around this time, we start making promises to ourselves that we’ll put in place some good habits: drink less, call home more, join the gym. Getting into a regular fitness regime is something we all know is important. In Japan, this is pretty easy to do given there is no shortage of gyms (ジム jimu) in which to workout ( トレーニングする toreiningu suru). You can run (走る hashiru), cycle (バイクで走 る baiku de hashiru), do strength training (筋トレ kin tore), or take classes (クラスを 受ける kurasu o ukeru), which run the gamut from yoga to pilates to aqua aerobics. Once you feel fit, it’s also easier to pay more attention to what you are eating. Besides cutting out junk food (ジャンクフード janku fuudo), you can also choose foods that have been mindfully prepared, starting from how they are grown. In Kansai, there’s a groundswell of organic and natural farmers (see page 8 for our feature) plus cafes and restaurants putting their produce to delicious use (see page 12 for our feature). Fitness and healthy eating? A darn fine way of starting the year on a good note.

Vocab and phrases

Is this organic? この料理はオーガニッ クですか? kono ryori wa ooganikku desu ka?
I’d like to order a vegetarian meal. ベジタリアンの食事は ありますか? bejitarian no shokuji wa arimasu ka?
I’d like to join the gym. ジムに入会したいです jimu ni nyukai shitai desu
Would you like to go running together? 一緒に走りますか? issho ni hashirimasu ka?
Let’s go for a walk. 散歩に出かけましょう sanpo ni dekakemasho
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