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Bringing HOPE to those in need


Bringing HOPE to those in need

More than 13 million people have been helped by HOPE, and this month you can help even more, by pampering yourself in the name of charity.

If you’re feeling the stresses and strains of modern life, there are many ways available to improve your mood. For example, a simple massage or a haircut can make you feel good.

At HOPE at the Hilton, you can increase that feel-good feeling times a thousand, as the money you spend on these things will go to help poor people around the world.

The week-long HOPE at the Hilton event is held annually in Nagoya and Osaka to raise money and awareness for the HOPE International Development Agency in Japan.

So where does that feel-good cash actually go? HOPE’s mission is “to extend compassion to the neglected poor and help them become self-reliant.”

Who exactly are ‘the neglected poor’? Millions of people across the globe, living in extreme poverty in remote areas with little access to development agencies. Countries that HOPE works in include Afghanistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, and the Philippines. HOPE also provides assistance in Japan, to tsunami affected areas.

But HOPE doesn’t just throw cash donations to these needy communities and leave them to it. The money is used to help them become self-reliant.

For example, there’s the Cow Bank program in Cambodia. Farmers here depend heavily on cows to plow and fertilise their land, but many can’t afford one. HOPE loans a female cow to a family for 18 months to help with their farming and give birth to a calf. The family are trained to care for the livestock so when mother cow is returned to the bank, they can keep and raise the calf to become a selfsufficient farm.

In the 13 years HOPE has existed, it has helped transform the lives of more than 13 million people around the world. From Cow Banks to well-digging, there will be lots more information available on HOPE projects at the Hilton; look out for the display in the lobby and as places are limited, arrive early to make sure you don’t miss out on a little relaxing me time.

Knowing the money you just spent might bring HOPE to a person who needs it; well, won’t that massage or haircut today feel even better?


HOPE at the Hilton week

14th-20th April
Hilton Hotel, Osaka

Charity Cut (10am-4:45pm, 14 April)
Some of Osaka’s leading stylists will be donating their time and skills. Get a 45-minute hair cut for just ¥2,000.

Relax for Charity (10am-6pm, 15th April)
The Hilton Spa are opening their doors to support HOPE projects. A 30-minute massage will cost just ¥2,000.

Eat for charity (all week)
Dine at the Hilton Hotel’s Checker’s Restaurant and 5% of your bill will go directly towards supporting HOPE projects!

Family Day (20th April)
This will be a fun occasion for kids to learn more about HOPE projects. Activities for kids will include colouring in their own cows and taking home cow balloons.

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