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Fall Fun and Frenzy


Fall Fun and Frenzy

One of Japan’s two favorite times of year has returned – aki (autumn) is beckoning us outdoors and Kansai boasts an endless array of momijigari (leaf-watching) places to go and admire it. But if you’re not sure where to go, how to get there, or where to take the best photo – you only have to ask! See our recommendations on page 14.

Don’t forget to try out the fabulous autumn culinary treats and omiyage (souvenirs); kuri-kinton (boiled chestnuts mashed with sugar and twisted in fabric into a raindrop shape); wagashi kuri manju (Japanese chestnut cake; and ohagi (sweet red bean paste and mochi – pounded rice), just to name just a few.

Whether you’re braving the Kyoto crowds for popular colorful leaf spots, or searching for a quieter experience along paths less trodden, here is some Japanese that could help you along the way. Happy leaf-watching!

Useful Expressions

kouyou こうよう colorful leaves
momiji もみじ Japanese maple leaves
Is there a good spot to see autumn leaves around here? このへんで こうようの めいしょ は ありますか? Konohen de kouyou no meisho wa arimasuka?
Do you think I could get some nice photos there? いい しゃしんが とれそう ですか? Ii shashin ga toresou desuka?
Is it walking distance? あるいて いけますか? Aruite ikemasuka?
Should I ride my bicycle there? じてんしゃに のった ほう が いいですか? Jitensha ni notta houga iidesuka?
Where’s your favorite autumn leaf spot? いちばん だいすき な こうようの スポッ ト は どこ ですか? Ichiban daisuki na kouyou no spotto wa doko desuka?
How do you get there by train? でんしゃで どう いきますか? Densha de dou ikimasuka?
Is it crowded? こんで いますか? Konde imasuka?
Do you know of a less-crowded spot? あまり こんで いない ところ を しってますか? Amari konde inai tokoro o shittemasuka?
Do you know if there’s wheelchair access? くるまいす でも いけますか? Kurumaisu demo ikemasuka?
Is there much parking available? じゅうぶんな ちゅうしゃじょう は ありますか? Juubun na chuushajou wa arimasuka?
What’s the weather going to be like this weekend? こん しゅうまつの てんきは ど う なりますか? Kon shuumatsu no tenki wa dou narimasuka?
Are there any special autumn snacks or foods I should try? なにか あきの たべもので たべた ほ うが いいもの ありますか? Nanika aki no tabemono de tabeta houga iimono arimasuka?
Do you like momiji tempura? もみじ てんぷらは すき ですか? Momiji tempura wa suki desuka?
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