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Trick or Treat!


Trick or Treat!

The time of year has come again for trendy tricks and tasty treats and cosplay madness in the streets. Many Japanese and foreigners alike love to don a costume (kosuchuumu) or outfit (ishou) and take to the streets for all-night parties and Halloween tomfoolery.

On your adventures this Halloween, you’re bound to see a witch (majo) or two, pirates (kaizoku), skeletons (gaikotsu), ghosts (yuurei) and, well, despite his reputation Waldo is never hard to find. Watch out for vampires (kyuketsuki), and find out who’s under that mummy (miira) costume before you accuse a friend of not making it to the party!

October 31st and surrounding dates boast some of Japan’s biggest parties of the year, so don’t miss out. While you’re browsing shop shelves or sitting on the couch, needle and thread in hand, why not practice turning some phrases for the occasion? And a good one to try on people throughout the month: Kotoshi no harouiin no kosuchuumu nani wo kiru no? (What are you going to dress as this Halloween?).

Awesome costume! Did you make it yourself? すごい コスチューム! じぶんで つくったの? Sugoi kosuchuumu! Jibun de tsukutta no?
Is it OK if I take a photo? しゃしんを とっても いいですか? Shashin o tottemo ii desu ka?
Cool costume! かっこいい コスチューム ね! Kakkoii kosuchuumu ne!
Did you buy your costume? その コスチューム かった の? Sono kosuchuumu katta no?
Where’s your Halloween costume? あなたの ハロウーンの コスチュームは どこ ですか? Anata no harouiin no kosuchuumu wa doko desu ka?
What are you dressed as? なん の かそう? Nan no kasou?
I’m dressed as… … の つもり です! … no tsumori desu!
Wow – you look scary! すごく こわい! Sugoku kowai!
I didn’t recognize you! だれ だ か わからなかった! Dare da ka wakaranakatta!
Who did your makeup? だれ に メーク して もらったの? Dare ni meku shite moratta no?
Let’s have a photo together. いっしょ に しゃしん を とりましょう Issho ni shashin o torimashou.
Someone stole my hat! だれか に ぼうし を とられた! Dareka ni boushi o torareta!
Which costume is your favorite? おきいりの コスチュームは どれ ですか?  Okiiri no kosuchuumu wa dore desuka?
What’s that? それは なん ですか? Sore wa nan desuka?
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