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Exploring Another Part of Town


Exploring Another Part of Town

It’s always a good time to spice things up and check out a new part of town, atarashii basho o chekku suru, to discover what you could be missing out on. Our Fukushima area guide on page 14 should provide you with ample inspiration to get yourself out and about, whether to that area or another one entirely. There’s nothing quite like getting to know a different part of your city and what it has to offer.

But where to start? You can have all the maps and guidebooks in the world, but the reality is, a little local knowledge goes a long way, and sometimes it’s just better to simply ask. Whether you’re looking for a sightseeing spot, or want to know which street you can find the best takoyaki (fried octopus balls) on, wherever your curiosity takes you, we’ve got some shortcuts to help you out. The Japanese are often champing at the bit to help out a newbie, so go on – try them out. Ganbatte! (Do your best!).

Excuse me, do you know where_____ is? すみません。 _____が どこか わかりま すか? Sumimasen, _____ ga doko ka wakarimasuka?
When’s the best time to go to _____ ? _____に いくのに いちばん いいのは いつ ですか? _____ ni ikunoni ichiban iinowa itsu desuka?
Where’s the best coffee in this part of town? この まちで いちばん おいしい コーヒ ーの おみせは どこ ですか? Kono machide ichiban oishii kōhī no omise wa doko desuka?
Is there a cinema around here? この ちかくに えいが かんは ありま すか? Kono chikaku ni eiga kan wa arimasuka?
Is there a cover / seating / table charge? テーブル チャージは ひつよ ですか? Tēburu chārji wa hitsuyo desuka?
Can you tell me a good local restaurant I could try? どこか いい じもとの レストランを し ってますか? Dokoka ii jimoto no resutoran o shittemasuka?
What are some good sightseeing spots around here? このへんで いい かんこちは どこですか? Konohende ii kankochi wa doko desuka?
Is it walking distance? あるいて いけますか? Aruite ikemasuka?
What’s the best way to get there? どうやって いくのが いちばん いい で すか? Douyatte ikuno ga ichiban ii desuka?
What time do you close? なんじに しまりますか? Nanji ni shimarimasuka?
Where’s a good place to get _____? _____を かうのは どこが いい ですか? _____ o kaunowa doko ga ii desuka?
Is there a _____ nearby? ちかくに _____は ありますか? Chikakuni _____ wa arimasuka?
What is this area famous for? このへんは なにで ゆうめい ですか? Konohen wa nani de yūmei desuka?
Do you know a lively place to get a drink? たのしく のめる ところを しってますか? Tanoshiku nomeru tokoro o shitte masuka?
Thanks for the advice! Great recommendation! アドバイス ありがとう! いいとこ おしえてくれて ありがとう! Adobaisu arigatou! Iitoko oshietekurete arigatou!
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