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Kansaiscene AnniversaryKansai’s celebrating milestones all round this year. Kansai Scene’s 15th, outdone only slightly by the temple town of Koya-san, which is celebrating its 1,200th anniversary! Even the Hanshin train line just had its 110th birthday last month. So many things to celebrate, so many reasons to say omedetou (congratulations)! Try out some of these lines on your celebrating friends and acquaintances (starting at Kansai Scene’s anniversary bash next month! See page 13 for details).

Our (magazine’s, etc.) 15th anniversary is coming up. わたしたちの (ざっし) は もうすぐ 15しゅう ねんを むかえます。 Watashitachi no (zasshi) wa mousugu 15 shuunen o mukaemasu.
Happy 15th anniversary! 15しゅうねん おめでとう! 15 shuunen omedetou!
How did (the business, etc.) first start? (____は) さいしょ どうやって はじまっ たん ですか? (________wa) saisho douyatte hajimattan desuka?
How long have you been married? けっこん して どの くらい ですか? Kekkon shite dono kurai desuka?
How did you first meet? どうやって しりあったん ですか? Douyatte shiriattan desuka?
Was it love at first sight? ひとめぼれ でしたか? Hitomebore deshitaka?
How are you going to celebrate? なにか おいわい を する つもり ですか? Nanika oiwai o suru tsumori desuka?
Are you having a party? パーティー を しますか? Paati o shimasuka?
What is the exact date (of your anniversary)? きねんび は なんにち ですか? Kinenbi wa nannichi desuka?
What’s one of your favorite memories? いちばん いい おもいでは なん ですか? Ichiban ii omoide wa nan desuka?
What is your proudest achievement? いちばん ほこれる ぎょうせきは な ん ですか? Ichiban hokoreru gyouseki wa nan desuka?
What are your plans for the future? しょうらいの てんぼうは なん ですか? Shourai no tembou wa nan desuka?
I wish you the best! がんばって! Ganbatte!
Let’s make a toast. かんぱい しましょう。 Kampai shimashou.
Good luck for the future. かがやかしい みらい を。 Kagayakashii mirai o.
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