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OsakaTram, trolley, streetcar – whatever your preference in English, the technical word in Japanese is romen densha, but in Osaka, the Hankai trams are endearingly nicknamed chin-chin densha. If you find yourself with a day off wondering what to do, take a look at our tram-hopping guide on page 14, head to the south of the city, and explore some of Osaka’s hidden corners and old backstreets. No need to plan your day too far in advance – just keep these useful phrases close by and you can play it by ear, and take the opportunity to get tips from the locals. Happy adventuring!

Useful Expressions

What’s the next stop? つぎは なにえき ですか? Tsugi wa nani eki desuka?
What station is this? ここは なにえき ですか? Koko wa nani eki desuka?
How long til _____ station? _____ えき まで どの ぐらい ですか? _____ eki made dono gurai desuka?
Does this tram go to _____? この でんしゃは _____ に いきますか? Kono densha wa _____ ni ikimasuka?
Which tram line is this? この でんしゃは なにせん ですか? Kono densha wa nani sen desuka?
How much does it cost to get to _____? _____ まで いくら かかりますか? _____ made ikura kakarimasuka?
Do I need to buy a ticket? きっぷが いりますか? Kippu ga irimasuka?
Where/when do I pay? どこで・いつ はらいますか? Doko de / itsu haraimasuka?
What’s around _____ station? _____ えきの まわりに なにが ありますか? _____ eki no mawari ni nani ga arimasuka?
Where’s a good local restaurant I could try near _____ station? _____ えき ちかくで どこか いい じもとの レストランを しっていますか? _____ eki chikaku de dokoka ii jimoto no resutoran o shitteimasuka?
How long does it take to get there? そこまで どのぐらい かかりますか。 Soko made dono gurai kakarimasuka?
Where’s the last stop on this line? この ろせんの しゅうてんは どこ ですか? Konoro sen no shuuten wa doko desuka?
Is it walking distance from _____ station? _____ えき から あるいて いけますか? _____ eki kara aruite ikemasuka?
When is the last train? しゅうでんは なんじ ですか? Shuuden wa nanji desuka?
Thanks for the tip! おしえて くれて ありがとう! Oshiete kurete arigatou!
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