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Beer lovers are spoilt for choice in Osaka. Here are three in and around Kita Horie – one dedicated to Western beer, another to Japanese beer, and a brew pub serving its own!


Kamikaze is a Japanese word meaning “divine wind,” so what was the reasoning behind naming the bar this? According to owner Ryuta Hiyashi, who also runs the nearby craft beer bar Fujiyama, “Foreigners know this name well.” It is a hard one to forget. For beer lovers, however, Kamikaze is divine in its own right, with 23 taps and two hand pumps of Japanese craft beer. Opened in 2012, this stylish bar seats around 30 people and has a clear view of the kitchen where they whip up tasty dishes to pair with the beverages. “Our pork dishes are our best,” says staff member Tetsuya Yamada. He recommends the “Inunaki” pork stew with black pepper and sherry vinegar to go with a hoppy pale ale.

Open: Mon–Sun 5pm–1am • Price Range: ¥750 (284 ml half pint) ¥1200 (425 ml USP) ¥1500 (568 ml UKP) • Food Prices: ¥380–¥1200 • Access: Nagahori Subway Line, Nishiohashi Stn •


FujiyamaOpened in November of 2014, Fujiyama is owner Ryuta Hiyashi’s Western craft beer bar counterpart to his all-Japanese craft beer bar Kamikaze. With a variety beers from around the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, and across Europe on seven taps, this is a great spot to hit up for something new and different, or to get those hard-to-find beers from back home, wherever that might be. Fujiyama also has a nice selection of bottled craft beers on offer at various prices, depending on the size and place of origin. For food, Fujiyama’s main draw is the steak. Ryuta recommends any of their various delicious cuts with an IPA to chase it down.

Open: Mon–Sat 6pm–3am, Sun 5pm–1am • Price Range: ¥600 (S 200ml ) ¥750 (M 284ml) ¥1200 (L 425ml) • Food Prices: ¥380–¥3500 • Access: Nagahori Subway Line, Nishiohashi Stn •

Marca Cafe & Beer Factory

Marca Cafe & Beer FactoryWith the plethora of great craft beer pubs and bottle shops in Kansai, it might be tough for newcomers like Marca, which opened in April of this year, to stand out from the crowd. So what makes Marca worth a visit? The fact that owner Mizuki Kamiya brews her own beers right there on the premises – you can see the large, silver tanks of beer from your seat at the bar. “I have no regular beers, I am always changing them and trying new recipes,” says Mizuki. While she does have guest beers on some of the eight taps, it’s the allure of trying her unique blends like her coffee amber Ethiopian light roast that are sure to have beer fans lining up!

Open: Tues–Sat 6pm–11pm • Closed: Sun & Mon • Sizes: ¥450 (S 150ml) ¥650 (M 250ml) ¥1100 (L 500ml) • Food Prices: ¥350–¥850 • Access: Senichimae Subway Line, Nishinagahori Stn •

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