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What’s the craic?


What’s the craic?

There aren’t many days of the year when one wishes to be Irish, but without a doubt St Patrick’s Day is one of them. All that singing, dancing, beer guzzling and general craicmaking is enough to make the rest of us want to put on a leprechaun costume and get in on the love-in. Luckily, this celebration has made it all the way to Kansai, with a slew of activities planned in the days surrounding 17th March (see News on page 7). So when you soon find yourself clutching a Guinness, belting out an Irish ditty while armin- arm with a new bestie, these phrases might just come in handy…

Have you ever been to Ireland? アイルランドに行っ たことありますか。 Airurando ni itta koto arimasu ka?
Today is St. Patrick’s Day! 今日はセント・ パトリック・デーだ! Kyo wa sento patorikkusu dei da!
No, I’m not from Ireland. I’m from…(add your country). 僕はアイルランド人 ではないです。 (国名)人です。 Boku wa Airurandojin de wa nai desu. (kuni mei) jin desu.
Green looks great on you. グリーンが 似合いますね。 Gureen ga niaimasu ne!
Would you like a Guinness? ギネスは飲みま すか。 Ginesu wa nomimasu ka?
I’ll have a water instead of Guinness. ギネスよりお水が 良いです。 Ginesu yori omizu ga ii desu.
Are you feeling the craic? 楽しんでる? Tanoshinderu?
Do you like Irish music? アイリッシュミュー ジックは好き ですか? Airurisshu myujikku wa suki desu ka?
Craic クラック Kurakku
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