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Boys Boys Boys

Stuck between a rock and a pop place, Australia’s party band Boys Boys Boys! brings its 90s-influenced pop rock to Japan.

Stuck between a rock and a pop place, Australia’s party band Boys Boys Boys! brings its 90s-influenced pop rock to Japan.

We Are Excited About Everything is the title of the Boys Boys Boys! 2014 release, and when asked what they are most excited about regarding the tour, Jerico Rose Wallace, a.k.a. Koko, says “To play a different crowd that doesn’t really know us and see what a different country’s audience reaction will be. And noodles.”

According to members Bridget Turner and Jade Foo, Japan was not selected randomly. Though each of them have journeyed abroad alone in the past, this marks their first tour overseas as a band, and travel impressions from Bridget and Jade Foo led them to select Japan as their first destination.

“Japan is rad, and our music is pop and flashy,” says Bridget. Koko adds that their funness, positivity, colorfulness, and aesthetics may suit Japanese youth. This has been part of their dilemma as a band; like much of the rest of the world, Australian airwaves are often dominated by pop music with little place for bands that stand out from the formulaic sounds. BBB is too indie rock for pop stations, as their music often features big guitar riffs and structures closer to indie rock, yet they can be shunned by alternative radio for being too pop.

The result is actually ear catching and contagious, but it can be hard to reach new audiences without the radio support, even if their music was featured on Suburgatory, 90210 and Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Having played many pan-Australian tours, music festivals, and opening for bands like Chicks on Speed and Aqua, they decided to take a chance and and play a few gigs in Japan.

Their sound is pop rock, with a healthy dose of 90s synthesizers and downright fun. While Koko “The Playlist Hijacker” and Bridget “The Food Scavenger” usually bring lyrics and basic melodies to the jam sessions, the rest of the band, Jade Foo “The Sleeper,” Axe “The Prankster,” Alwyn “The Klutz,” and Mike “The Philosopher” (nicknames selected by Koko and Bridget from a list of party-people types) come together to create their party songs.

Both Koko and Bridget favor smaller venues since they can get more involved and interact with the crowd, and their Japan tour will allow for plenty of that. They may even get people to come up on stage. So don your best dancing shoes and go get infected with their unique sounds.

“Australia’s ultimate party band”
Oct 15 (Thu) • Avalon, Osaka • Pop • 9:15pm • ¥1,500 (inc 1 drink) • Tel: 080-3814-1403
Oct 16 (Fri) • Modern times, Kyoto • 8pm (7pm doors open) • ¥3,000 (inc 2 drinks) • Tel: 07-5212-8385

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