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Apps for Japan Travel


Apps for Japan Travel

Make your trip to Japan smooth sailing with these three handy apps.

Traveling in Japan can be a truly awesome experience, however it can be a tricky place to navigate at times if you’re unfamiliar with the language and don’t know your way around. Instead of lugging around a bulky guide book, though, try a mobile app to help you find your feet. Here we present three apps that will make traveling in Japan easy.

triposo-kyotoJapan Travel Guide by Triposo

• Cost: Free with inapp purchases

• What it does: Navigating Japanese cities and finding the best tourist hotspots can be daunting for a newcomer. Japan Travel Guide comes to your aid by providing information on just about any Japanese location you could think of accompanied by useful maps. There are offline maps of the bigger cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, and Osaka. Alongside useful and detailed information, it also offers a phrasebook and pronunciation pointers.

• Why it’s great: The app offers some incredibly useful information for travelers by providing hospital listings, exchange rates, and even the weather forecast. It can help you plan the perfect trip by suggesting the best places to see, eat, sleep, and shop. You can even use the app to book hotels!

• Developer: Triposo
• Platform: Android and iOS
• Website:


us-iphone-3-learn-japanese-phrasebook-for-travel-in-japan-tokyo-kyoto-osaka-nara-hokkaido-fukuokaLearn Japanese – Phrasebook for Travel in Japan

• Cost: Free with inapp purchases

• What it does: If you’d like to try your hand at learning some useful phrases during your travels, Learn Japanese is a great pocket phrasebook. It is a wonderful tool for learning Japanese as it gives both the pronunciation and Japanese reading for each phrase.

• Why it’s great: This easy-to-use app is useful for both travelers and language learners. It has recordings done by native Japanese and is replete with spot-on topics for your Japan adventure: greetings, directions, eating out, and emergency phrases. For a small fee, you can upgrade for a huge catalog of spoken content. One of the best ways to learn is by listening and repeating and this app makes that easy with slow, clear pronunciation from a native Japanese speaker.

• Developer: Codegent
• Platform: iOS and Android
• Website:


japan-free-connected-wifiJapan Connected-free Wi-Fi

• Cost: Free

• What it does: Connecting to a new hotspot every time you arrive in the vicinity of a free Wi-Fi area can be a hassle. User registration, looking for the connection in a long list, and actually connecting to it, all takes up time that you may not have. Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi speeds the process up. It allows you to connect to any free Wi-Fi connection with a single tap.

• Why it’s great: Saving money on cell-phone bills is a priority for everyone. This app helps users to steer clear of a data plan and use the free Wi-Fi connections available. The app lists countless free Wi-Fi connections in both cities and countryside areas and that’s great for the budget!

• Developer: NTT Japan
• Platform: iOS and Android
• Website:

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David Wingler is an Apple Distinguished Educator and an applications developer, having created close to 20 apps for use in K-12 education environments. He is also a teacher at Osaka Kun-ei Girls’ Junior and Senior High.

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