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Got a Christmas date to impress? Wine and dine them at one of these three romantic restaurants.

Bistrot Café de Paris

No time to take your date on a romantic winter holiday to France? Try Bistro Café de Paris instead, located in the Kobe neighborhood of Kitano. The restaurant offers a variety of sets to suit any budget with no compromise on flavor. An excellent choice is the Bistro Lunch set with the beef bourguignon coated in a red-wine sauce. The beef is so tender it can be cut with a spoon and it comes served with a small side of steamed vegetables. The French bread is warm and soft on the inside with a chewy exterior. It is perfect for soaking up all the delicious excess red-wine sauce from the beef bourguignon. Sets also come with a seasonal soup and salad and a choice of tea or coffee at the end of the meal. To finish off, select from one of their many delectable desserts. The chocolate canele with vanilla-bean ice cream is a staff favorite. English menu and English speaking staff are available.

Open: Lunch 11am–11pm
Price Range: ¥1,600–¥10,000
Access: JR Sannomiya Stn or Hankyu Sannomiya Stn,10-min walk



moulin-judith-lafaverMoulin is perfect for anyone looking for a more upscale night out. Right on the Dotonburi River, the riverside view is a magical setting for an intimate dinner date. There is a large wine list and a full bar ready to make any drink possible. Moulin serves Italian-influenced dishes and they do not disappoint. The caprese salad is a boring staple in most Italian restaurants, but Moulin’s use of deliciously creamy mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, fresh basil, and a velvety olive oil take it to another level. The roasted beef with root-vegetable pasta is a heartier option – perfect for winter nights. Crispy lotus root, chewy gobo, sautéed spinach, and succulent beef in a red-wine sauce over rigatoni pasta is a heavenly combo. The yuzu-pepper pork comes with a side of pickled vegetables and a spicy red-pepper paste that makes for a bold flavor combination. Angel food cake is their specialty, but the crème brulee and tiramisu are perfect endings to a divine Italian meal. Some English is available.

Open: 11:30am–11pm
Price Range: ¥3,000–¥4,000
Access:Osaka-Namba Stn, Exit 26-C, 5-min walk



chanoma-judith-lafaverThose looking for a fun Christmas date on a budget should go to Chano-ma in Umeda’s Chayamachi neighborhood. While there are your typical tables and chairs to sit on, make sure to ask for a bed table. These huge beds piled with pillows and blankets are perfect for couples who want to snuggle on a cold winter’s eve. Chano-ma serves Japanese comfort food in one of the most comfy restaurants in Osaka. While they have an a la carte menu with tasty items like yuzu-pepper-pork donburi, the sets are a great deal. Try a deli dinner set, which comes with a choice of four different side dishes, miso soup, pickles, and rice. The sautéed ginger pork is especially tender and comes in a savory ginger sauce. For only ¥300 more, add a dessert set to finish. Some English is on the menu.

Open: 11am–11pm
Price Range: ¥1,000–¥2000
Access: Hankyu Umeda Stn, 4-min walk

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