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One point Japanese

Onsen and sento are great places to unwind from the stress of our daily lives and a quintessentially Japanese experience. While the washing-outside-of-the-tub etiquette is well documented and (hopefully) familiar, you may not be aware of the many types of baths you may encounter. As well as the ubiquitous outdoor rotemburo bath, you may find yourself wallowing in a mud bath (doroyu) or, if brave enough, enjoying the piri-piri tingling sensation of an electric bath (denkiburo). Taking the time out to swot up on some of the kanji below will help you identify them and further enrich your bathing experience.

露天風呂 rotemburo outdoor bath
岩風呂 iwaburo bath made from rocks or stones
内湯 uchiyu indoor bath
砂湯 sunayu sand bath
泥湯 doroyu mud bath
薬湯 yakuyu herbal/medicinal bath
潮風呂 shioburo saltwater bath
足湯 ashiyu foot bath
泡風呂 awaburo bubble bath
電気風呂 denkiburo electric bath
壷湯 tsuboyu tub bath
掛かり湯 kakari-yu rinsing water
混浴 konyoku mixed bathing
家族風呂 kazokuburo family bath (for private use)
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