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Your favourite onsens and sentos in Kansai

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Your favourite onsens and sentos in Kansai

Each issue we invite Kansai Scene readers to speak out on a variety of topics — to have your say.

I usually go to Spa World in Shin-Imamiya about once a month, around 3am with my friends after the clubs close! It’s the perfect end to a night of clubbing, where we can rest and refresh ourselves before taking the morning train home.
Ayaka Tagata,
22, Japan, bar staff/Univ. student

I really like Gero onsen in Gifu prefecture. I’ve been there three times on overnight trips with three different girlfriends, and it’s always worked out well for me! Here in the Namba area, I often go to Shimizu onsen behind the OPA building.
Shinji Inoue,
31, Japan, Irish pub owner

I recommend Kazurabashi onsen in the mountains of Tokushima, where they also have the famous vine bridge of Iya valley. I once went camping there with friends, and though we got rained on, it was cool watching a beautiful lightning storm from our tent.
Joshua Minty,
24, New Zealand, bar manager

Masataka Morita, 29, Japan, restaurant waiter

I often go with my family to our local neighborhood sento, which has a nice traditional atmosphere and sense of community. As for onsen, I really like Yurino- yama onsen in Wakayama, where you can fill jugs with natural spring water to take home.
Rumiko Tomomichi,
42, Japan, travel agent

Yuuki Kobayashi, 29, Japan, restaurant manager

I love going to Inunaki-san onsen in Izumisano, down in south Osaka by Kansai airport. It has easy access by car and I think is the best onsen in this region. At first I was very shy about getting naked in front of strangers. Actually, I’m still shy about that!
Ali Zaidi,
36, Pakistan, restaurant owner

Yoshimi Orikasa, 25, Japan, bar staff

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