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  • Your hopes and dreams for 2013: Year of the Snake

    By: kansaiscene • In: Have your say • On: Dec 29, 2012

    Sometimes, our projects – job, school, even vacations!- depend on many factors beyond our control. My dream for this year is these things become easier to overcome – or get out of the way! Danya Ramirez, 28, Chile, language instructor My vision for 2013 is that it becomes the year when I lay the foundations for my career and further develop my focus and sense of direction about my future. I wish for peace and wisdom in the world. Alex Michaelson, 24, USA, media manager I hope that 2013 will bring balance to my finances

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  • Your favourite onsens and sentos in Kansai

    By: Ray Franklin • In: Have your say • On: Dec 01, 2012

    Each issue we invite Kansai Scene readers to speak out on a variety of topics — to have your say

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