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Osaka fusion health-food spots

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Osaka fusion health-food spots

Get a head start on your New Year’s resolutions by eating healthy at these Osaka fusion health-food spots.


T-Greens is an oasis of healthy eating in the Tenjinbashisuji shopping arcade and perfect for a mid-shopping lunch stop. All meals come with their signature genmai (brown rice) cooked in hojicha (a type of Japanese green tea) as well as all-you-can-eat access to the buffet-style salad bar. Higawari (daily changing) lunch sets are ¥990 with something different depending on the day you visit – Mondays they serve a tasty loco moco. The main menu features pasta and curry dishes, grilled meat dishes, and buddha bowls. There is a vegetable curry and a veg-only buddha bowl for vegetarians. They are expert coffee makers and all milk coffees are presented with some very cute latte art. This attractive and welcoming space seats up to 50 customers at either booths, two-person wooden tables, or at a large bench in the middle of the room. Menus are in Japanese only.

• Open: 11am–11pm
• Price Range: ¥1,000–¥3,500
• Access: JR Osakatemmangu Stn; Minamimorimachi Subway Stn, 4-min walk down the Tenjinbashisuji shopping arcade
• Tel: 06-6356-3901
Kansai Finder: T-greens

Genmai Cafe

Nestled between Shinsaibashi and Honmachi in the Shinsaibashi shopping arcade, this organic, vegan-and vegetarian-friendly cafe is a top pick for a no-fuss, fast and wholesome lunch. Seating about 35 people, Genmai serves ¥1,000 Japanese macrobiotic lunch sets which include brown rice balls, soup, and plenty of vegetables. There are four kinds of soup and 15 to 16 different rice-ball ingredients to choose from. They also serve curry, brown-rice waffles, gluten-free cookies and cakes, and there is a nice range of drink options with exotic choices such as a ginger soy latte. The restaurant is almost totally vegan except for the supplement packets they give out with meals, which contain fish products, however, they do use kombu dashi (seaweed base) rather than fish dashi in their soups. English menus are available.

• Open: 12pm–6pm (hours may vary, call to confirm)
• Price Range: ¥1,000–¥3,500
• Access: Shinsaibashi Subway Stn, 5-min walk down the Shinsabashisuji shopping arcade (2F)
• Tel: 06-4704-4811
• Kansai Finder: GENMAI CAFE (ゲンマイカフェ)


Sangmi has made healthy eating easier with four convenient locations throughout Osaka. Their philosophy homes in on three key elements: external beauty, internal health, and well being. Each of their dishes is carefully prepared using locally sourced ingredients, with the base of each meal sets being their signature brown rice – grown pesticide-free in Hiroshima. Although the food is organic and mainly locally sourced, it is not vegetarian or vegan. At lunchtime, there are a couple of sets to choose from for a price of around ¥1,000, including brown rice, your choice of a main dish, soup, some few small sides. While it’s unlikely you’ll have room for dessert, if you can fit it in, go for the tofu pudding with brown-sugar syrup – one of their most popular dishes. Lunch in the Shinsaibashi restaurant gets busy quickly, so go early to snag a table. Menus are in Japanese only.

• Open: Lunch ~11am–9pm (times vary by store)
• Closed: Sun
• Price Range: ¥1,000–¥3,500
• Access: Abeno Stn; Shinsaibashi Stn; Miyakojima Stn; Tanimachi-4-Chome Stn
Kansai Finder: Sangmi

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