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A New Place to Get Crafty


A New Place to Get Crafty

Calling all Kansai DIY nuts! Make yourself at home in Osaka’s dedicated makerspace.

Ever considered starting a DIY project, but been held back due to lack of space, tools, materials or just generally feeling lost on how to get started? Well, your problems are now solved Kansai has recently opened its very first makerspace!

If you’re new to the concept, a makerspace is a constructionist movement which has recently become a global phenomenon. Think of a DIY space or workshop in which people with shared interests in crafting and technology get together to create, invent, and learn.

Osaka Makers’ Space (OMS) is conveniently located in central Nippombashi, a five-minute walk from either Ebisucho or Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka stations. Started just under a year ago, OMS is the product of both Ryan Carlson and John Daniels. Being DIY nuts, Ryan and John were frustrated with the lack of space for their mutual hobby of making things – “My kitchen had literally become a workshop,” John said. “I had tools laying everywhere; it was getting ridiculous.”

After exhaustively searching for some DIY clubs but with no luck, both John and Ryan decided to take matters into their own hands and build their very own workshop. They have since built a space kitted out with enough tools to get even the most seasoned DIY fanatic excited.

On entering the workspace, visitors are greeted with 3D printers, band saws, laser cutters, sewing machines, welding tools, soldering irons, spray paints, drills and all manner of screws, wrenches, hammers, and nails.

If you’re an absolute beginner to DIY but feel you might be interested in making something, Ryan and John offer how-to seminars with small starter kits (priced under ¥2,000), some of the more popular being clock kits, fidget spinners, handmade jewelry, handmade bags, and small radios.

The guys can also help source any materials for whatever project you wish to undertake, from metalwork to woodworking and carpentry, hand-crafted soaps or candles, sign-making, costume design, electronics, and any other ideas you come up with.

Ryan and John have created a real sense of community with Osaka Makers’ Space. Essentially, OMS is a place to build, learn, work on a project, or simply hang out and meet new people. There are no age restrictions as adults and kids alike appear to enjoy spending time in the workshop. Both local and international residents have taken a keen interest in this unique space. If you’re interested in checking out OMS, there is a free meet-up every second Wednesday night of the month. For more details, check out their website.

Osaka Makers’ Space

Open: Tue–Sun 11am–11pm
Closed: Mon
Tel: 06-7182-9039
Address: Naniwa-ku, Shimodera, 3 Chome−3−10, Inoue building 1F
Facebook: @osakamakers

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