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The perfect anti-excess menu


The perfect anti-excess menu

Shooting for a healthy new year doesn’t mean you have to give up delicious food. Consider eating macrobiotic at Trois Dix.

Ah, January. A time when our bodies are reeling from a conga line of end-ofyear parties that all seemed to involve insane quantities of meat, sweets and beer (and why did we think it would be wise to finish things off with a round of absinthe shots?). If you’ve just indulged in too much Christmas food and New Year’s Eve booze, you’re probably in need of a detox. Enter Trois Dix, a macrobiotic restaurant with a philosophy of serving seasonal food in its most natural state. And in a city where salty, greasy b-kyu food rules, this restaurant is proving to be a winner with the health conscious.

“The place is very popular with ladies, who come with their children or girlfriends for a delicious and nutritious meal,” says owner Hayashi, who left the hotel and event industry to open Trois Dix in 2011. The 54-seater restaurant, which has an industrial-chic interior feel, has a trained Italian chef at its helm so the food doesn’t compromise on taste. Hayashi hopes this winning combination will put macrobiotic food on the local radar. “Unlike in Tokyo, where macrobiotic restaurants are popular, Trois Dix is one of the few places in Osaka that serves this type of food,” he says. “It’s my dream to introduce this city to the amazing taste and benefits of macrobiotic eating.”

Based on a belief in balancing the qualities of food, a macrobiotic diet is built around whole grains, in particular brown rice, as well as vegetables, pickles and legumes. Processed foods and most animal products are avoided, and seasoning is used with restraint. At Trois Dix, this philosophy translates into a menu that reinvents the classics with a twist: wholewheat pizza can be ordered with tofu cheese instead of mozzarella, and the omurice is served with brown rice in a wrapping of yuba tofu instead of egg. But despite the restaurant’s focus on the plant kingdom, Trois Dix also caters for meat-lovers, with dishes of seafood, fowl, pork and beef.

Interestingly, there’s also a selection of imitation meat dishes including tofu Bolognese pasta, and a fillet of “fish” made of barnyard millet and mountain potato. These golden, crumbed slabs won’t trick anybody into believing they’re actually consuming fish, but the dish is still a darn tasty way of adding whole grains and root vegetables to the diet.

The limited use of animal products means that vegans can also rejoice, especially in the dessert section. The homemade egg- and dairy-free cakes are divine, and the considered (read: dainty) portions will leave you feeling satisfied yet refreshingly guilt-free. So keep the instant ramen in the cupboard and try a macrobiotic meal. Your body, and taste buds, will thank you.


Trois Dix

Where: Osaka, Nishi-ku, Kitahorie 1-22-4
Open: Lunch 11:30am-5pm; Cafe time 11:30am-midnight; Dinner 5:30pm-midnight; Closed on Wednesday
Tel: 06-6648 8336

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