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Delicious Desserts in Kobe

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Delicious Desserts in Kobe

Did you know that Kobe’s desserts and cakes are just as famous as their delicious beef dishes? Check out these three popular sweet spots when you’re next in town.

Kobe Port Tower Café

One of the city’s most distinctive sights, the Port Tower is a unique 108-meter red structure located in the Meriken Park district next to Kobe Port. Visitors can combine a sightseeing visit to the tower’s observation platform with coffee and cake in the revolving café on the floor below.
The café’s seating is mostly outward-looking window seats offering 360 degree panoramic views of the city. It takes around 20 minutes to complete one rotation, and there are a variety of desserts on offer priced at ¥500 each, such as baked camembert cheese cake and Kobe pudding. A cake set with a drink costs ¥800.
The Kobe pudding is a Japanese take on the classic European crème caramel dessert. This creamy, soft custard dessert is covered with caramel sauce and garnished with a cherry and wafer biscuit. After their beef, this is probably Kobe’s second most famous regional specialty.

• Open: 9am–9pm Mar–Nov, 9am–7pm Nov–Mar
• Price Range: ¥500–¥1,500
• Access: Kobe Stn, 15-min walk
• Address: 5-5 Hatoba-cho, Chuo-ku
• Tel: 078-391-6751
• Tabelog: Sky Lounge (スカイラウンジ)



Patisserie Akito

Patisserie Akito

Located in the Motomachi area of Kobe, Patisserie Akito displays the kinds of beautiful and delicate-looking cakes that are impossible to resist. The store mainly does cakes to go, but there is a seating area for around 10 people.
A relative newcomer to the city, this establishment has only been open since 2014 but is already a firm favorite among Kobe locals. It’s a tough choice between all the delicious options, but a tasty recommendation is the chocolate tart with milk jam, made of a rich milk-chocolate mousse with a biscuit base.
In addition to their cakes, Patisserie Akito is also well-known for its extensive selection of jams. Their specialty is their unique milk jam, with ingredients sourced from Awaji Island. Available to take away is a two-layered milk-and-strawberry jam, which makes a nice souvenir.

• Open: 10am–7pm (closed Tues)
• Price Range: ¥450–¥1,500
• Access: Motomachi Stn, 5-min walk
• Address: 3-17-6 Motomachi-dori
• Tel: 078-332-3620



Mama’s Selection Motomachi Cake

Mama’s Selection Motomachi Cake

Situated down a small side street off the Motomachi shopping arcade is Mama’s Selection Motomachi Cake, a local family-owned business that has been established in Kobe for over 70 years.
This cake shop is very popular with locals and tourists. Part of the store’s success lies in the reasonable pricing, with many of the delicious sweet offerings only costing around ¥300. The shop has a relaxing atmosphere and modern décor. There is also a generous-sized indoor seating area along with a few outdoor tables and chairs – ideal for people watching.
The store’s most famous and popular cake is the Zakuro, a fluffy sponge cake made from egg yolks. It is filled with cream and topped with a strawberry and healthy dusting of powdered sugar. Another delicious recommendation is the St Marc, a mouth-watering chocolate and whipped-cream cake.

• Open: 8:30am–7pm
• Price Range: ¥300–¥1,500
• Access: Motomachi Stn, 10-min walk
• Address: 5-5-1 Motomachi-dori
• Tel: 078-341-6983

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