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Kansai Fall Camping


Kansai Fall Camping

See the best of the autumn leaves without joining the masses.

If you’re eager to see nature’s blazing autumn show but less thrilled about lining up with the crowds, consider an autumn camping trip to one of these picture-perfect Kansai locations.

Kyukamura Omihachiman, Shiga

This campground is located on the shores of Lake Biwa. The hotel and campground complex features a swimming pool, beach, kayaking, and wide-open spaces with beautiful lake views. There are also restaurants available in the Kyukamura village hotels. The nearest train station is Omi-Hachiman but public transportation access to the village is via shuttle bus.

Access: Shuttle bus from JR Omihachiman Stn • Tel: 0748-32-3138 •

Kasagi, Kyoto

Kasagi Campground in Kyoto Prefecture is known for its accessible location and serene riverside setting. The camp is located next to Kasagi-ohashi Bridge which runs over the Kizugawa River. Kasagi is also known for its direct public transportation access, just a five-minute walk from JR Kasagi Station. The campsites can be rocky, so if you are planning on sleeping in a tent, a groundsheet and a sleeping mat are recommended. There are washroom facilities and a nearby onsen.

Access: JR Kasagi Stn • Tel: 0743-95-2011 •

Mori-No-Terrace, Osaka

Located in North Osaka near Nose; this campground has a variety of options from traditional camping to the modern “glamping” for those who prefer to camp with a little more comfort. The location is along highway 173 and is next to the Yamabe River. Nose Onsen is also close by providing campers with an extra bit of luxury.

Access: by car • Tel: 090-8863-6974 •

Shiawase-no-mura, Hyogo

This campground is situated in a large park in Kobe and is ideal for campers with families as there is a lot of kids’ playground equipment in the park. The well-maintained bathrooms and nearby onsen and supermarket make camping life easy. It is located a few kilometers from Nishisuzurandai Station.

Access: Shinsetsu line, Nishisuzurandai Stn • Tel: 078-743-8000 •

Kumano Kodo, Wakayama

For more experienced campers who like to do multi-day hikes and treks with their tent and gear on their backs, the iconic Kumano-Kodo pilgrimage routes on the Kii Peninsula are sure to delight with the autumn foliage. There are various campgrounds along the routes and many wild camp spots to be found. The trails are popular and common trailheads include Kii-Tanabe, Koyasan, Kumano Nachi Taisha, and Kumano Hongu Taisha.

Access: JR Kiitanabe Stn; Nankai Koyasan Stn; JR Kiikatsuura Stn; or by car

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