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A Dose of the Supernatural


A Dose of the Supernatural

Osaka’s eagerly-anticipated new club Ghost Ultra Lounge has formally opened its doors and breathes an urban chic lifeline into the Kansai club scene.

Maybe I’m jaded, but in Osaka especially I feel as though walking into a club often takes me back; and not in the heartwarming nostalgic way. Upon paying the usually over-the-odds admission fee and battling through the sense-stripping wall of tobacco smog guided only by the tawdry neon illuminations, I feel transported back to the dingy student nights of uni past, or sometimes even worse; like I’m ten again and reliving that traumatic birthday party at laser tag.

Stepping into Ghost is different. Upon entering, one is immediately thrust into an a la mode universe of black leather, white tiling and brown brick and wood that is ever-so-slightly reminiscent of a New York loft with an awesome sound system. Tear down the glorified glow sticks you might be used to seeing strewn over the walls in your regular Saturday night haunt and replace them with impressive in-wall lighting and image projections, all programmed in a way that make the walls surrounding the dance floor spring into life. This is urban chic for the urban clubber, and while positively expensive looking, the decor is subtle and classy to make for an atmosphere that complements the immaculately-dressed bartenders and is decidedly conducive to a great night out.

Of course, club goers know that clubs aren’t merely defined by the way they’re decorated. Great clubs must have a certain ambience, a soul right? Well fear not faithful dance-the-night-awayers, because Ghost Ultra Lounge isn’t just a pretty face, even though there are plenty of them flocking there. As well as an incredible sound system and multiple booths from which the well known resident DJs spin out the freshest Hip Hop and R&B fist pumpers, the raised stage gives way to a fashionable island bar from which one can choose from the usual suspects to quench one’s thirst and maintain one’s hard-earned buzz. The ladies are catered to here too, as one side of the bar provides dedicated seating for those wishing to slip out of their high heels for a few minutes and sip on a cocktail.

Prices. Thankfully, they don’t match the sophisticated feel of the place. A beer will set you back the average ¥500 whilst cocktails hang at around the ¥600 to ¥800 mark. If you and your entourage are feeling particularly extravagant, Ghost offers a great VIP package service with exclusive black leather-clad booths for ¥12,000 to ¥15,000 for an hour depending on which bottle of liquor you choose to accompany your infinite swag. With all this on offer why not get down to Ghost Ultra Lounge next time you’re in the mood for a late one and experience clubbing as it should be. I can say with elation that finally my laser tag ghosts have been exorcised. No more therapy for me.


Ghost Ultra Lounge

• Address: Ark Shinsaibashi West B1F, 2-17-3 Nishi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
• Tel: 06-6214-0545
• Website:
• Facebook: GhostUltraLounge
• Open: 7pm-1am
• Closed: Weds.


• Every Saturday: EN:CORE hosted by DJ Minami, DJ YMX, DJ Shiotsu, DJ Jun and DJ Kango.
• Every Friday: XOXO hosted by DJ YMX, DJ Rufferty, DJ Kazunari, MC Ani and DJ Shiotsu.
• Every Sunday: GHOST on SUNDAY hosted by DJ Lead, DJ Kaz001, DJ Bullset and DJ W-One.
• Every Monday: LOVEWAY hosted by DJ Ree-Age, DJ Masakaz, DJ Mahoroba. • Every Tuesday: tuLuce hosted by DJ Ken-Bow, Make Love Sound and DJ Peit.
• Every Thursday: THE PHANTOM hosted by DJ Lead, DJ YMX, DJ Nore and MC Macko.

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