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Great steak isn’t the only thing on the menu in Kobe. Check out these three spots for something new.

Gaen Shuka

Gaen ShukaIf you can steel yourself to make it through Kobe’s Chinatown without succumbing to the tantalizing aromas wafting from the myriad of street stalls, you’ll find Gaen Shuka tucked away down a side street. With three sister restaurants in Kobe and Nishinomiya, these dining spaces offer an extensive à la carte menu incorporating Cantonese classics such as sweet-and-sour pork and an array of seafood dishes. The ¥1600 weekday lunchtime set menu is served in portions perfectly pitched to leave you feeling satisfied but not too sleepy. After a starter of shrimp mayonnaise and egg drop soup, top up your complimentary green tea and choose from the handful of mains – the squid in a tempura-like batter is a winner! The small dessert changes daily.

Open: Daily 11:30am–2pm; Dinner 5pm–1am • Price Range: ¥1000–¥5000 • Access: JR/Hanshin Motomachi Stn, 5-min walk •

Golden Dew Cafe

Golden DewOverlooking one of Motomachi’s leafy shopping streets, Golden Dew Cafe provides a bright, airy spot for a break from retail therapy or to recharge after work. The menu celebrates all things mango and you can sample this juicy summer fruit in all its glory – cubed, pulped or juiced. On a sticky July day, quench your thirst with a ‘mango mix juice’ in a lidded jar, or for an adventure with texture try ‘mango and lemon jelly’, a refreshing combination of ice, juice and jelly topped with whipped cream. (If you’re not enthused by mango, there’s always coffee.) To keep hunger at bay there’s the ‘Mango Fiesta Grande’, a fruit salad (heavy on the mango, of course) with mango ice cream in a waffle basket, plus a range of fresh and healthy options for lunch.

Open: Daily 10am–9pm • Price Range: ¥500–¥2000 • Access: JR/ Hanshin Motomachi Stn, 5-min walk •

Die Currywurst

Yes, really. There’s a German currywurst restaurant down a Motomachi backstreet. With its red awnings, prominent corner situation, and large German flag, this specialist sausage eatery is unmissable, both literally and as a gastronomic experience. The options are simple: currywurst or weisswurst, in a bun or on a plate, with curry sauce or tomato ketchup. A few fast-food-style sides are available, though next to the typical fries, onion rings and coleslaw on the menu you’ll also find sauerkraut. Pay for your sausage at street level then take a seat upstairs in a narrow room decked out with German memorabilia. Alternatively, grab a stool outside, ideally with a cold beer (choose from a range of draft or bottled offerings from both Germany and Japan) to wash down your food. Not so good for vegetarians, but perfect for a chilled-out summer evening.

Open: Daily 11am–9pm • Price Range:¥500–¥1500 • Access: JR/Hanshin Motomachi Stn, 5-min walk •

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