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Five of Kansai’s Best Outdoor Markets


Five of Kansai’s Best Outdoor Markets

Get outside and explore the handicrafts, fresh produce, and bric-a-brac on offer at these superb local markets.

What is this strange sensation in the air? The outside world is no longer gray and gloomy but beautiful and bright. The faces of passersby are no longer covered in masks and scarves, but exposed and exuberant. Flowers are blooming. The temperature is bearable. It’s unsettling, and yet encouraging. People are starting to crawl out of their hibernation and into the light of day. This can only mean one thing…

Spring has arrived! One great way to enjoy Kansai in the warming weather is to head to an outdoor market, a place where you can enjoy both the sun and shopping. If you have yet to explore any of the many great local markets, we’ve rounded up the best around for you to check out this – or any – season.

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