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  • The Lesser-known Pilgrimage

    By: Matthew Coslett • In: Feature, Featured • On: Apr 04, 2016

    The Lesser-known Pilgrimage

    KS investigates the Jusan Butsu, a short but fascinating pilgrimage that winds through some of the best sights in Kyoto

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  • Zen Nuptials for Gay Couples

    By: Celia Polkinghorne • In: Feature, Featured • On: Feb 01, 2016

    Zen Nuptials for Gay Couples

    A Kyoto Buddhist monk is doing his part to promote marriage equality by being the first in Japan to offer marriage ceremonies at his temple to gay and lesbian couples

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  • Bend it Like Butoh

    By: William Bradbury • In: Feature, Featured • On: Oct 03, 2015

    Bend it Like Butoh

    William Bradbury steps outside his comfort zone to discover avant-garde dance in Kyoto.

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  • National Ninja Day

    By: Hide • In: • On: Feb 19, 2015

    National Ninja Day

    Ninja-rickshow and Ninja performance Championships Ninja Kyoto Restaurant & Labyrinth presents Ninja Projects. NINJA KYOTO Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Kyoto-city, President : Tatusro Omagari), operating “Ninja Kyoto Restaurant & Labyrinth”(Kyoto-City Nakagyo-ku) will be held collaboration events with Ninja Day executive committee, 2 to 22 February 2015, (Management : Iga-Ueno Sightseeing Association and Kōka Sightseeing Association). Cool Japan strongest content of ” Ninja” will make Japan vigorous. 1) Ninja rickshaw goes to Kyoto! ──The official event of“Ninja Day”executive committee Rickshaw man, Kiraku (ninja name, real name:Tatsuya Kawahara) drives Ninja-style rickshaw, from Tokyo heading to Kyoto. ・Excursion

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  • Hoshi Matsuri Fire Ceremony

    By: atkansaiscene • In: • On: Jan 19, 2015

    Hoshi Matsuri Fire Ceremony

    Feb. 11: The Agon Shu Hoshi Matsuri is held every year on February 11 at Agon Shu’s main temple grounds in Yamashina. The all-day ceremonies pray for world peace and for the peace of both the living and the passed away. All are welcome, free of charge. Agon Shu main temple premises, Yamashina. 9:30-15:30 Access: shuttle bus leaving to and from Kyoto Station, Hachijo-guchi exit, every 15 min., direct to site (about 20 min.), 300 yen. Info: 075-761-1141 (

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  • Foodspotting

    By: JJ O Donoghue • In: Food & Drink • On: Jan 01, 2015


    Get yourself to Kyoto and munch on something new this new year!

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  • Aikido: The Martial Art of Peace and One Man’s Destiny

    By: Celia Polkinghorne • In: Feature, Featured • On: Jun 01, 2014

    Aikido: The Martial Art of Peace and One Man’s Destiny

    One day in September 1980, a 22-year-old Jacques Payet travelled from France to Japan in search of one of aikido’s greatest masters. A pivotal moment of serendipity awaited him

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  • Connect with the HUB

    By: kansaiscene • In: News • On: Jul 01, 2013

    KYOTO — A global networking and co-working space has opened in Kyoto, giving a new lease of life to a former temple and school. HUB Kyoto is a working space for social entrepreneurs and innovators, a place where anyone can plan projects, meet like-minded people, and share ideas. Their mission is to bring about positive social change together. The Kyoto HUB has an active facebook page where you can see workshops and events coming up. •

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  • Herons and cranes of the Kamogawa river

    By: Stuart Gibson • In: Kansai Seen • On: Jun 01, 2013

    Herons and cranes of the Kamogawa river

    A great variety of wildlife can be found along the Kamogawa river in Kyoto, incuding many species of herons, eygrets and cranes (collectively known as sagi in Japanese). They gather to feast on the young ayu and other fish that can be spotted in the shallows

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  • Putting your best foot forward

    By: Daniel Tang • In: Food & Drink • On: May 01, 2013

    Putting your best foot forward

    For runners - and their lazier friends who just like food - Musubi Cafe serves as an ideal base to explore the picturesque scenery of Arashiyama and beyond

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